Prof Sheen carried out a bi-lateral sports hernia repair for me on March 1st 2019 after not being able to recover via rest and Physiotherapy. Whilst being a little sore fore a few days after surgery it soon became clear that something had been fixed ! After 3 weeks I was walking up to 5 miles with little pain, after 5 weeks I was doing some light running on fields. Now after 8 weeks I am road running again at a reasonable pace...pain free ! I would highly recommend Prof Sheen for any sports related groin injury. Mark Oliver. Flixton. Manchester 

About a month ago I had two inguinal (groin both sides) hernias repaired by Professor Sheen. It was the first operation I have had and as the hernias weren’t bothering me I was a bit reluctant to have it, but the friend, a sports physician, who recommended Prof. Sheen to me pointed out several very good reasons why I should. In particular: they don’t get better on their own, and get worse with time, and the operation gets riskier as you get older, and they can sometimes give rise to a medical emergency in which case the surgery is not elective!

The operation was a breeze to be honest. I was a bit bruised and battered after the surgery particularly around the incision, which was small and just below the navel, but I didn’t need any painkillers. I felt generally stiff for a couple of weeks, but I only needed a week off work and could drive there (mind you it’s a desk job). After three weeks Prof. Sheen saw me again and signed me off. By the way here’s a tip. You’ll need some loose-in-the-waistband trousers to go home in after the operation and for a couple of weeks thereafter.

If there are any Private Pilots reading this: I reported the operation to my CAA doctor the day before I had it and of course my medical was suspended. After the review Prof Sheen copied the letter to my GP to me and I emailed it to my CAA doctor, who declared me fit. He did not need to see me. So I was only grounded for three and a half weeks. It’s illegal not to report it as I’m sure you know.

Later this year I’ll be back with Professor Sheen having my ventral (stomach) hernias repaired. It seems I have an abundance of hernias! I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to it but I feel much more confident than I did about the first one.

John Forrest

I had my surgery in September 2018 and wanted to wait to review to make sure everything is healed and give a more mid-term outcome.

I was diagnosed with ACNES in 2013 and have been having injections every 3 – 6 months at pain management clinic. After 5 years the injections were no longer effective and I needed surgery.

I found Professor Sheen whilst searching for a surgeon that would do Abdominal Nerve Entrapment Syndrome (ACNES) surgery. Having approached many surgeons in my area , none had heard of the condition let alone would consider operating. I first emailed his secretary who emailed back very quickly to tell me that yes he did treat ACNES patients. I made an appointment at BMI Alexandra.

I was called in for my appointment a few minutes early and immediately felt welcome by Professor Sheen. We went through my history and, after a quick abdominal examination and questionnaire, he was confident that I did have ACNES and that surgery would potentially help (no surgery is guaranteed!)

I decided to go to BMI Alexandra for this as it was more convenient and I wanted the surgery as soon as possible. I organised a date via Professor Sheen's secretary

Arriving at BMI hospital I was greeted and taken to my room for the day. Professor Sheen and his anaesthetic team came to greet me and go through the operation and other checks.

Waking up from the operation (I have had 5 previous abdominal operations) the pain was minimal. I believe he used local anaesthetic in and around the wound which made a massive difference. Within an hour I was able to have a drink and then later on was able to get up out of bed. Glue was used on the outer wound and this healed amazingly well and was incredibly neat. I returned to work two weeks later. 

I felt the benefit of the surgery a few weeks later once the wound itself had healed and inflammation had gone down. I returned to see Professor Sheen post operatively and we discussed that the surgery was successful at that time. 

So, six months after the operation I can still say the surgery has worked really well. My pain has reduced a lot and I am so glad I had the surgery. I get the occasional twinge of discomfort from the tissue but it doesn't require any pain medication or intervention. My scar has faded and isn't really noticeable unless looking for it! ACNES seems to be a difficult condition to treat and I am forever thankful to Professor Sheen and his team for helping me!

I sought the help of Prof Aali Sheen, on the recommendation of a Sports Medicine colleague & some patient recommendations from my private physiotherapy clinic.

As an England Masters Hockey Player, I struggled through a World Cup in summer 2018, with my hernia & an associated adductor issue. The injury meant I could no longer play through the pain.

The care Prof Sheen provided me, from initial consultation to surgery & follow up care, was superb & he gave me 100% confidence the surgery would resolve my issues.

I am now 6 weeks post-op & am already running pain-free & have also stated playing hockey, which far exceeded my expectations for my recovery.

Many thanks Prof Sheen for all your help. The best in the business.

 It is now some 4 weeks after you carried out the repair on my large adnominal hernia; all is well. and I can now return back to normal life!

Can I please take this opportunity to personally thank you for the manner in which you conducted your affairs during the process, and the quality of the service you have provided. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the nursing staff of the Alexandra Hospital at Cheadle, who just exuded kindness and consideration.

I am very grateful to you all.

Duncan Aveyard

 In January 2017 after 2 same day cancellations I had surgery for a right sided inguinal hernia at my local Hospital.

The recovery was painful but eventually I recovered and for a few months was back to normal, but then I started to experience pain again and was referred back to the hospital.

It then took a period of six months to get initial and follow up appointments with a consultant, who arranged and had analysed, MRI and Ultrasound scans the latter indicating small bi-lateral hernias.

However the consultant discounted the ultrasound result as being what he referred to as “false positives” (i.e. they probably don’t exist) and referred me on to another long waiting list to see the Chronic Pain Team which he claimed was the correct procedure in these cases.

Having had nearly 8 months of chronic pain during which I was unable to stand upright for more than 5 minutes I decided not to wait any longer but seek a second opinion.

After extensive research on line the Surgeon with a fantastic reputation for laparoscopic hernia surgery in the North West was Professor Aali J Sheen.

I rang his secretary and got an appointment to see Prof. Sheen the very next day. After explaining the problems I was having he examined me and diagnosed bilateral recurrent inguinal hernia without recourse to either MRI or Ultrasound scans. He then explained how he was going to sort it for me in friendly confidence boosting fashion.

True to his word three weeks later he successfully performed a laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia repair at the Spire hospital. After recovery from the general anaesthetic I was able to stand and walk freely without pain for the first time in 9 months.

It’s now about 8 pain free weeks since the procedure and I now walk around 5 miles each day in an attempt to get fit again.

I will be forever grateful to Professor Sheen and his Support Team for giving me my life back.

With Many Thanks
John Gaskell
April 2018

"I sought out Professor Aali Sheen after ongoing and life changing problems from a prior surgeon and procedure involving mesh. Professor Sheen is a genuinely kind, caring, extremely skilled and knowledgeable surgeon, who takes the time to explain everything, including risk, uses all imaging facilities available and has a real interest in his patients ongoing wellbeing and quality of life. 

Although mesh removal is not without risk, I am extremely grateful that after careful consideration, his surgical expertise and the considerable time he took in removing the mesh and tacks has already given me significant improvements and the start of a hopeful journey in restoring my quality of life. As expected some issues remain from the original surgery but I know he will do his very best in helping me regain as much of my quality of life as is possible and I know I am now in the best possible hands that I could ever have wished for and cannot thank him enough. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Professor Sheen and my only regret is I didn't find him sooner".

July 2017

I had an inguinal hernia, which had progressed in a short space of time to be relatively large and bothersome - it had become painful to stand and it was limiting what activities I could do.

I know that the success of the procedure is strongly related to the skill and diligence of the surgeon and I found Prof Sheen after conducting extensive research. I also asked the nursing staff before the surgery and the unanimous consensus was that Prof Sheen is particularly meticulous in surgery.

Prof Sheen's surgical prowess was evident immediately post-operatively; I had minimal pain and recovered within just a couple of weeks without complication. This is in contrast to a previous laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair, which I had done on the other side a few years previously where it was very painful for several weeks after the surgery.

Thank you Prof Sheen for taking such care in repairing my hernia.


"In 2015, after extensiveresearch into my problem, I booked an appointment with Professor Sheen at The BMI Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle.  I had had an incisional hernia for about eight years which was getting larger by the year and seriously affecting the quality of my life.

I have complex medical problems after having a mitral valve heart replacement in 1990 and have an irregular heart beat and a degree of heart failure.  I had a blood clot on my bowel in 2002 and it was the scar on my stomach I developed the hernia.

I had consulted other doctors over the years about the problem but was told I would have to live with it even though it could potentially strangulate and become life threatening.  Professor Sheen was very positive that he could operate with a good outcome and he instilled great confidence in me.

Professor Sheen arranged an excellent medical team to cover all aspects of my care; Professor Yin (Haematologist) and Professor Clark (Cardiologist).  The operation was a great success and I recovered very quickly and am now playing golf again every day at the age of 81.

I would not hesitate to recommend Professor Sheen as an excellent Surgeon and for his positivity.

Thank you Professor Sheen."

Mr K.V.B.

Dear Mr. Sheen
I would just like to say a very big "Thank You" for the care, attention and treatment I received from you for the laparoscopic right inguinal hernia repair you carried out just before Christmas at the Alexandra Hospital. 
Throughout the whole process, from initial consultation, the operation itself, to the review and discharge meeting, your professionalism, reassurance, concern and careful explanation were exemplary.
The explanation you gave and the leaflet you provided helped alleviate any of my concerns and provided a valuable outline of the recovery schedule.
The consultant anaesthetist was very pleasant and reassuring and explained the process and events that would take place. The nursing staff at the hospital were extremely caring and attentive.
I was amazed at how well I felt as soon as I came round from the operation and how soon I was back in my room with the inevitable cup of tea.
I was able to come home the same day and the recovery was very quick and exceeded all my expectations.  I followed your advice on pain management but the discomfort was minimal and only lasted a few days.  The small incisions are almost invisible. 
After 4 weeks I was back to a full exercise regime and following my hectic retirement lifestyle!  
I was delighted that, as you confirmed at the discharge meeting, the operation was a complete success and there was no sign now of the hernia.
A sincere thank you for all you have done for me.
Adrian Swales
January 2016 
Dear Aali,
I am writing to you following my recent cholecystectomy operation. I do not generally write emails of this kind, however, the whole process of this operation and the end result have been amazing and I thought you would like to hear how pleased and grateful I am.
For eighteen months prior to the operation I had been suffering periodically with great discomfort and could not get any diagnosis until finally I was referred to see you.
Very quickly you diagnosed the possibility of a problem with the gallbladder and organised a CT Scan and an Ultrasound Scan which quickly confirmed that the diagnosis was correct. Surgery was the recommended course of action which I accepted and duly took place on 9th Oct.
I was given a leaflet which described in very simple straightforward language what the gallbladder did, what would happen during the operation and what I should do to help make a speedy recovery. This was very helpful and also quite interesting. It really helped to alleviate any fears of the impending procedure.
On the day of the operation I was introduced to the consultant anaesthetist who was very pleasant and reassuring and explained the events that would take place. The whole process was conducted in a very calming way that completely took away any anxiety. Without really realising it, the op was over and I was coming round.  No pain. No discomfort of any sort really.
There were four tiny incisions which really seemed no more than just scratches and the best thing was that one of those went through an old battle scar from an operation I had had as a two year old! ?What an excellent piece of recycling!!
The hospital was marvellous. The recovery period was more like being on holiday really ( obviously had to take things easy for a couple of weeks ).
Two and a half months later, there are no visible scars and the recovery is absolutely complete. I can honestly say that I have much more concern and anxiety about going to see the dentist!
On a more personal note, it was always a pleasant experience coming in to see you. If I should require any other procedures in future, I will always ask to be referred to you.
If ever you do have any patients who are nervous and worried about upcoming procedures, I would always be happy to talk to them about my own experience if you felt it might help to calm them.
Best wishes
Robert Falk
December 2015
Having been diagnosed with a large incisional hernia, I researched available surgeons across the North of England, and decided to consult Mr Sheen based on his experience and use of advanced techniques. I am so glad I did! From the initial consultation, through the surgery itself, and the follow up care, Mr Sheen took the time to explain everything thoroughly, and put me at my ease. The operation went so smoothly, and I am now recovering very well back at home, more than pleased with the results. Mr Sheen is quite obviously an expert in his field, and I would be extremely happy to recommend him to anyone.

West Yorkshire.
October 2015

Becoming unwell abroad..
I came back from the Far East with jaundice and went under the care of Mr Sheen. From the first consultation I felt at ease and was fully explained the symptoms and what procedures needed to be done .
He explained thoroughly the time frame which although was long was comfortable in the knowledge he was looking after me .He performed a key hole gall bladder removal and I was moving about freely within 3 days and the scar or lack of one has to be seen to be believed. 
He is an expert in this field and his colleagues who he works with are also highly skilled .I can't recommend Mr Sheen highly enough   
Fraser Marks 
October 2015

"In June 2015 Mr Sheen repaired my bilateral hernias. From the initial consultation to the operation the process was seamless. 
I was very happy with the treatment and after care I received from Mr Sheen and the team at Spire hospital in Manchester. Mr Sheen explained to me the operation in great detail and provided reassurance along the way and answered any questions or queries I had. I would recommend Mr Sheen and the expert team at the Manchester Hernia Clinic for anyone needing similar surgery.? 
Mark Fishwick
September 2015

Dear Mr Sheen
You have done more than I could have expected. I am so pleased that I chose you to do the laparoscopic bilateral hernia repair on 31st July.
At the first appointment you gave us nearly an hour.  You explained it all in lay terms and made me feel at ease, this was going to be the first ever operation and general anaesthetic in my 72 years!
On the day you were again a delight to have looking after me. The operation was a complete success, home the same day and no pain killers needed, although the arnica probably helped.
At the follow up appointment you were reassuring and very professional and I was fascinated to hear about your world renown and speaking engagements, that made me realise anew that you are a great surgeon and I feel fortunate to have been your patient.
The Alexandra hospital nurses were very good, very caring and really made me feel at home.
Your practice manager April was first class and went out of her way to help me, both with arrangements and also to get the best financial value as I was self paying.
All in all this was a very positive experience, thank you for everything that you have done for me.
Very best wishes
August 2015 

Dear Mr sheen,
Having been diagnosed with a bilateral hernia, I was advised by a leading consultant to contact Mr Aali Sheen, who is one of the best surgeons in his profession. The repair was undertaken by a laparoscopic procedure and the results have been outstanding. The recovery was speedy and exceeded all my expectations, I was back driving four days after the operation. Mr Sheen is caring, highly professional and truly is an expert in his field, I would highly recommend him and the Alexandra Hospital at Cheadle.  
Andrew cross,
Lancashire 14/07/15

"I was treated by Mr Sheen in Summer 2014 by keyhole surgery for a left inguinal hernia. The pre and post operative care shown by Mr Sheen was exemplary and the operation itself was smooth, quick and without the slightest complication. Mr Sheen nonetheless took the time to explain it and any possible side effects. The entire process was undertaken extremely professionally by a real expert."
March 2015

Over the last 10 years I?ve had the opportunity to experience and observe various common surgical approaches undertaken for the Sportsman's groin, due to posterior wall defects seen in athletes. 
A couple of years ago, I was made aware of Mr Aali Sheen's approach to Sportsman's groins and invited him to present at the Liverpool FC training ground to the rest of the medical staff.  I was impressed by his understanding of the potential causes of pain in the groin and the requirements for an elite athlete to return to sport.  
It was refreshing to see his approach in the diagnosis of posterior wall defects causing a Sportsman's groin and I have consulted with Mr Aali Sheen on a number of cases of elite professional footballers that have been under my care and he was clear which players would most benefit from his surgical mesh repair.  
I was able to attend theatre in those players that required surgery, which was quick and clean with glue being used to secure the mesh in place.  
Following surgery the players were able to return home the same day and were then able to follow a graded rehabilitation programme, which was well explained by Mr Sheen.  The players were available for competitive games within 4 weeks and suffered no further problems in the year following surgery.  
I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Sheen for an opinion to decide if an athlete needs a surgical repair for a posterior wall defect.
Dr Zafar Iqbal
Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician
I have just had a Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair and it was a most satisfactory procedure.  Thanks to all of you involved in this operation.
  • 6 days to convince myself that I had a problem
  • 21 days from seeing a GP, to  meeting a surgeon and to having an operation ?  (24 hours from seeing GP to letter arriving with surgeon and copy to me);
  • 6 days of being careful, some discomfort and boredom;
  • 8 days of being well behaved and boredom; then back to the gym, swimming and gentle gardening.
I was impressed by everyone?s professionalism, pleasantness and their genuine listening.
  • the air of confidence and enthusiasm of the surgeon;
  • the recovery leaflet;
  • the pre-entry interview.  I mentioned a long bed and a  long bed was there when I arrived;
  • the booking in process ? including advice on what to do if a fire alarm sounded;
  • the conversation with the anaesthetist with regard to pain and pain relief;
  • the continuous supervision during the recovery process;
  • the variety on the menu and the quality of food;
  • the discharge procedure with the determination to get it right;
  • I liked being titled a gentleman, delightful gentleman in the correspondence!
I have appreciated that the nature of having medical insurance was not primarily the above but the avoidance of months of waiting with the consequential limitations
  • Should I do that, am I getting worse, can we go away, when will it happen.
All very worrying and not good for one?s  heart or temper.
With the absence of waiting it has enabled me to appreciate the skill of all involved and has made it an enjoyable experience!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr. Aali Sheen for performing an excellent hernia procedure. This procedure was particularly challenging, because of a recent highly invasive appendectomy, which presented difficulties in addressing the hernia with keyhole surgery. With his skill and vast experience, Mr. Sheen was able to perform keyhole surgery, resulting in a speedy recovery. This skill, enhanced by his professionalism and pleasant personality has made the experience a positively memorable one.

1000th operation for gallstone disease!

I cannot recommend Mr. Sheen highly enough.
He is a very experienced surgeon. Indeed I was his 1000th gall-bladder patient.
He explained the operation & after-care in simple words that I could understand.
My operation proved to be more complicated than expected, yet he still managed to do key-hole surgery. So I was up & about in a few days.
Edwina Abbott

I recently underwent a laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia repair.
I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to Mr Sheen for his expertise in performing my operation.  Also Dr.Foster, his Anaesthetist, for keeping me totally pain free and sick free. 
I can't believe how well I feel.
Sincere thanks.
(a very pleased and grateful lady) 

I am a 74 year old lady. I had a very large stomach hernia that was about the size of a football. After having had a bad experience with a surgeon at another hospital I went to see Mr A Sheen at the Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle. What a gentleman he is! Warm hearted, very confident, down to earth and a highly competent gentleman. 
Two weeks later, on the 1st Agust 2014 I had my operation, which went extremely well. I spent 4 days in hospital and did everything that I was advised by Mr A Sheen. I made a wonderful recovery and I was in very little pain, and 6 weeks later I was more or less back to my normal self again. 
What a brilliant surgeon and gentleman. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing his expertise. 
Many thanks to Mr Aali Sheen,
Mrs Ruth Barratt

Having been diagnosed by my GP that I had a large Inguinal Hernia my wife researched the internet to search for a surgeon with excellent expertise and a successful record in performing this type of operation that would give us confidence. The name she came up with was Mr Sheen and according to his testimonials his record and now with my experience was first class.
I had previously had a bad experience (pulmonary embolisms) after a knee replacement so you can appreciate my wife's concern in finding someone of excellence. 
The operation was a total success and I came home without any adverse reactions whatsoever and was comfortably walking around the house and garden the day after. Within three weeks I was able to cut the grass and perform minor gardening activities. I felt that I could have done more strenuous activities but thought it prudent to follow the recovery schedule given to me by Mr Sheen's secretary.
I would like to thank Mr Sheen and his team for their help from inception to discharge. I would also like to mention Mr Sheen's after-care in particular my need for a precautionary course of Warfarin that I would need after my experience due to my previous knee operation. He even took the time to research a different drug to Wafarin that allowed me to recover with peace of mind without having to visit the local Wafarin Clinic for check-ups on a regular basis.
Sadly my wife passed away before I underwent the operation but I know that she would be very happy with the service I received and its outcome.
Mr J Hewitt

''GB Rugby League young star undergoes sportsman's hernia repair''

"Mr Sheen performed a bilateral inguinal hernia repair after seeing me at very short notice due to a planned rugby league tour with the Great Britain Pioneer's Rugby League XIII. Mr Sheen was an utmost professional and very down to earth and approachable, making it easy for me to understand what was happening and what was required and he gave me a clear outlined care plan. I was able to return to playing Rugby League after 5 weeks and was able to play every game on the tour just 6 weeks after the operation. I will always be very grateful to Mr Sheen for making my opportunity of a lifetime possible and in particular would like to thank Mr Sheen's Secretary who made it all possible. 
N Zalad 

Dear Mr. Sheen
This is to try to convey my heart felt appreciation for the care I received from you and your teem at the Alexandra Hospital 
After consultation with Mr Sheen at his pleasant rooms in Wilmslow, I felt reassured he would perform my hernia repair operation successfully. It had been a source of concern for quite a while and at last, I was to go ahead with the procedure.
Mr Sheen and his team performed the operation. When I came round and after a short while in recovery, Mr Sheen told me the operation was fully successful with no complications, which had been my dread. I was over the moon.
I was sitting up having a cup of tea only one hour after my operation. I was in great discomfort at first but this was short lived and had been warned that this was something to expect.
Within eight hours I was walking to the car park with my husband.
On the second day I felt pleased with the rate of my recovery and was able to leave hospital and return home.
The staff were wonderful and couldn't do enough to make my stay comfortable. The follow-up and care I have received since from Mr Sheen has been excellent.
The total professional care I have received has enabled me to return to my previous energetic lifestyle much sooner than I expected.
Kindest regards
Valerie Bradshaw

Having had an incisional hernia operation performed by Mr Sheen I am indebted to him for his professionalism and calm reassurance at what was a painful and troublesome experience for me. 
Mr sheen always had time to allay any worries I may have had and am now well on the road to recovery. 
Thank you. 

I cannot overemphasise the difference this surgery has made to my quality of life. I had not realised the draining effect of an increasingly nagging ache on my everyday life.  I had resigned myself to it being an effect of old age that I would have to live with. I now know differently. I cannot thank you and your colleague enough.
Thanks for your help
Roger Brady

I am just writing to thank you for successfully repairing my right inguinal hernia on 17th January 2014.
As you know when I first developed the hernia I researched the internet for the best specialist to deal with my first ever operation and was impressed by your Laparoscopic technique using tissue glue.
My efforts in finding you and travelling to the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle (when I could have gone to the North Staffordshire Nuffield Hospital a few minutes from my home) were well rewarded by the excellent treatment I received.
From first contact with your secretary, though our consultations, the stay at the Alexandra and the operation every step was carried out with professionalism, understanding and exceptional care leading to a complete recovery with no after effects and a return to my normal activities.
Thank you once again.
Kind Regards
Nigel Whieldon
Retired Solicitor


Trip Advisor is a well established website that reports to would-be travellers how good a hotel or restaurant is, and awards marks out of ten for their findings. However when you investigate a hernia repair there is no website called Opadvisor to help you, so how do you find the best surgeon there is?  Only by reading testimonials like this one i.e. personal recommendations.

I returned from a visit to the States in September 2013 and realised that I needed a hernia repair, and this was confirmed by my GP.  I then remembered that an acquaintance of mine had had such an operation in August 2013 and on asking him his opinion on his operation he said that a surgeon friend of his had told him that Mr A. Sheen was the BEST, and that Mr Sheen had performed keyhole surgery on him very successfully.

Never having been in a hospital for surgery before, this personal recommendation was good enough for me.  The first time I met Mr Sheen he was so warm and friendly, and immediately put me at ease, although on examining me he said that I did not just have one hernia but two others, and that he would operate on all three at the same time.  It was then that I realised that I was in more than very good hands.

The hospital that I spent twenty four hours in for the operation and recovery was obviously chosen by Mr Sheen, and every member of the staff was so kind and attentive that I felt I was in a five-star hotel.  Even receiving tea and buttered toast from the night nurse late in the evening.

After the recommended recovery period of six weeks I found that the small cuts made by Mr Sheen to enable him to perform keyhole surgery had healed and were nigh invisible.  Two of my friends who did not have keyhole surgery still have the scars to show after their operations.

And so I am back to where I was before the operation bringing in the coal, doing the ironing and being whimsical.  To be serious, I am 73 years of age and am now back  playing golf again. To think before the operation I wondered if I would ever be on a golf course again.
So what if there was an Op-advisor website? It would be based on personal recommendations from people who have had and recovered from hernia repairs, successfully or otherwise. And if Op-advisor were to award marks out of ten, then Mr A Sheen would receive the gold medal, ten out of ten.
This man is simply the best he is 'The Go-To Surgeon'


After a bout of illness my G.P decided I needed to be referred to a specialist and on recommendation from another professional I chose to be referred to Mr. Sheen.
Mr. Sheen diagnosed a problem with my gall bladder and carefully and clearly explained what my options were. He also organized a series of scans to confirm his diagnosis.
Once I had decided to go ahead with the operation it was organized very quickly and efficiently. Mr. Sheen explained how the procedure would be performed using Laparoscopic surgery, which would involve making only three small incisions. After the operation I experienced very little discomfort.  In fact I only needed painkillers for the first day.
The whole experience from beginning to end felt very comfortable as Mr. Sheen really treated me as an individual and this certainly gave me confidence in his judgement.
After one week I was able to do everything I would normally do, with care.
After four weeks I was fully fit and back to the gym.


Mr Sheen is a fantastic surgeon if you have a hernia in Manchester then look no further.  He is clearly one of the leading experts in this (and other) fields my father who is also a (retired) surgeon found his accomplishments really impressive.  Not only that but he is a really nice guy as well explaining everything clearly and in my case achieving fast results (36 hours from initial consultation to surgery) and a full recovery.  I have now been to the gym again and played 18 holes of golf with no issues and it was only 6 weeks ago that I first noticed any symptoms. 


Dear Mr Sheen (patient underwent sportsman's groin repair)
I wanted to record my gratitude for your skill and care in repairing my hernia in July this year (2013). I was back playing my beloved football after 5 weeks just as you said. Not remarkable perhaps until you take into account that I am an amateur player - and 67 years old. I wish I had seen you several years sooner and saved myself the intervening pain and discomfort.


Dear Mr Sheen,
I would like to thank you for making my Laparoscopic Hernia Operation go so smoothly.
As a 73 year old lady who has always been active, (I still train Gun-dogs and run in competitions,) this involves hard walking, climbing over fences and walls and generally trying to keep up with much younger people than myself.  
I thought when this Hernia came at the beginning of July 2013 that I would be out of action for quite a while, I was worried because my first competition of the season was in August. 
I had the operation on 5th July 13, ran in the competition in the 23rd/24th August 13, it was on the moors in deep heather and quite hard walking, we got through the two days with no problem and I came second in the awards.
The operation went smoothly,  did not take any pain killers, I had no pain, I was out of the Alexander Hospital the same day, my only upset was that I got a water infection due to retention of urine, (I am prone to this type of infection) and  this was cleared up  very quickly.
When I got home I took it easy for a few days but it was not long before I was out and about,  my body felt fine, it was not stiff or sore I had to keep reminding myself to be careful and not do any damage by lifting too much or climbing over a walls.
Within one month I would say I was fully active and more or less back to normal, it was quite amazing to be able to go into hospital have a Hernia Operation and be out and about with no problems so quickly.
I am so pleased that I found someone that had such expertise in this field, you made me feel so much at ease and took the worry that all patients have away.
Thank you again,


In respect of my recent hernia operation I would like to make the following comments, for those who are concerned about pending surgery or those of you who are awaiting treatment.

I had my operation 7 weeks ago and was fortunate to be in the capable hands of Mr A Sheen MD FRCS and his team at the Alexander Hospital Cheadle.

My short stay at the Alex was made as comfortable as it could possibly be, from the receptionist who booked me in, the nursing staff to Mr Sheen and his team in the operating theatre.

When I was greeted by Mr Sheen at my follow up visit some weeks later he asked "And how are you now?" my reply was quite simply " Great now thanks to my meeting you"   


Dear Mr Sheen
Further to my recent follow up appointment, I would like to say how grateful I am, that you have been able to restore me to my active lifestyle.  From being someone who, a couple of months ago, struggled to walk half a mile, I am now (after 8 weeks), playing golf, walking several miles each week, and back in the gym, although not yet back to the programme that I did before the operation.
Where possible, I tried to follow the guidelines given, and not do things too quickly. I was driving, quite comfortably, in 4 days, and from day 1, made an effort to walk regularly, using my body as a guide as to how far, but generally trying to increase the distance. I also, after 2 weeks, embarked on a series of daily stretching and strengthening exercises, to ensure that muscles, which had been under used for 2 /3 months, were gradually re-introduced to physical activity.
Obviously we are all different, but I can honestly say that I suffered very little pain after the surgery. I did get an ache in the area of the operation, from time to time, particularly when I did something I hadn't done for some weeks, gym, golf etc.  Sad to say, the operation doesn't appear to have improved my golf, but I can't say how enjoyable it is to be out there playing again.
Once again, many thanks.

Richard Taylor - June 2013

Dear Mr Sheen,

Just a short note to say thank you for relieving me of the large stone in my gall bladder. I am very glad to be out of pain and returning back to normal, I would have had a long wait here in Wales before having the operation done. I had every confidence in your ability when I saw you before the operation, my husband and I think you have one of the best reputations in the country and well worth travelling up from Wales. Thank you again and so glad to have had the top surgeon to do the op.  Yours sincerely,

Mrs M Hughes Wales.  Feb 2013.

Dear Mr Sheen

Just a short note to say how satisfied I am with the laparoscopic hernia repair you did on me in January 2012.

Dear Mr Sheen


Just a short note to say how satisfied I am with the laparoscopic hernia repair you did on me in January 2012.  
I recovered very quickly and did not need any post operative analgesia.

A much better operation than the open repair I used in my surgical days.

Douglas J Buchanan FRCS


Dear Mr. Sheen,

When my GP diagnosed a hernia, he warned me, because I had a 3 inch scar tissue, from a previous colon operation, that standard surgery would no doubt be used.

As I am a Fencing Coach (and 81) I dreaded the recovery period would extensive.  However, I gather that although it did prove an intricate operation, you managed to get around the obstacles and perform keyhole surgery.

May I say thank you for a most successful operation.

Yours sincerely,

J.E. Goodall


Dear Mr. Sheen,

It has now been about 9 months since my inguinal hernia repair.

From my first apprehensive 'phone call to his friendly secretary and my first meeting with Mr. Sheen, I realised that with his pleasant positive approach and professionalism I had made the right choice of Consultant. 

After my initial consultation and a non-invasive ultrasound scan to confirm his diagnosis he then fully explained how his laparoscopic procedure developed by himself using tissue glue instead of the traditional stitches or staples should be relatively pain free.

A few weeks later I arrived at the Alexandra Hospital and there Mr. Sheen and the very friendly hospital staff made me feel totally at ease, relaxed and ready for the operation.  A few hours later having woken I was surprised to find how pain free I was.  It had been all over in a day, returning home that evening with little discomfort and without any need for painkillers.

Over the next few days I remained pain free, one later the 3 tiny cuts had healed and I was cautiously able to do most of my normal activities.  After three weeks it was almost forgotten about and I was gently cycling my favourite trail again.

I can only say thank you for developing this procedure and for being a remarkable Surgeon.

Kind regards,

Charles Stephen Mitchell

Mr. Sheen performed a right-side laparoscopic hernia repair for me in November 2010. His secretary went to some considerable trouble to fit me in at very short notice. I can't thank him enough for sorting this out as I was experiencing very severe and prolonged pain.

Mr. Sheen was extremely friendly and helpful. He managed to perform the laparoscopic ( key-hole) repair although my condition on the day made it more difficult initially. He made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Both he and the anaesthetists plus all the other staff were really great; reassuring, friendly and very professional.

After arriving back on the ward I had no pain and I never experienced any pain at all after returning home. This was very surprising as I had another hernia repair done a few years earlier in Yorkshire which was performed by open surgery, not key-hole, and the recovery period was extremely lengthy and extremely painful. The difference was unbelievable. The whole experience in Manchester was a thousand times better. Although I had to make the trip from the N. Yorks. Moors 3 times, it was certainly worth it and I would definitely do it again. I can't thank Mr. Sheen and the other staff enough.

MORRIS WILLIAMS -  6th December 2010.


I experienced excruciating pains which resulted in my calling in my GP to the house.  He had no hesitation in contacting Mr Aali Sheen's secretary who organised an emergency appointment with Mr Sheen that same evening.

Mr Aali Sheen immediately made me feel at ease with his authoritative, knowledgeable yet compassionate manner. He gave me a thorough examination and within five minutes he had diagnosed my problem (acute cholecystitis) and advised me that I needed immediate surgery to remove my Gall Bladder.

He was most empathetic and explained completely the proposed surgery and the outline treatment plan he had in mind. He put it to me in simple language which I could easily understand. He made me feel most at ease throughout the admission, which he organised immediately.

Mr Sheen arranged an immediate ultrasound scan which confirmed his diagnosis and he operated on me the following morning. The operation was carried out laparascopically and my initial recovery was uneventful. His follow up was diligent and his manner was at all times comforting and positive.

Due to a pre-existing serious Kidney disease I encountered some major difficulties the night following Surgery, which were completely beyond his control. He was called out to the hospital at 3.30 am and his demeanour and approach brought an immediate feeling of calm and comforting authority to the situation. He then proceeded to manage a recovery plan for the next hour or so which of course was very successful.

Mr Aali Sheen is a compassionate, empathetic, down to earth, highly competent practitioner, whose priority is to make the Patient feel at ease by clear explanations and accurate diagnosis.

Treevor Lerman - June 2009

I was referred as an emergency patient to the Alexandra Hospital following a visit to my GP to discuss stomach pains. A subsequent blood test showed very low haemoglobin levels.

On arrival at the Alexandra I had a series of examinations and scans which showed that I had advanced cancer of the bowel with two secondary cancer growths on the liver. This came as a unwelcome surprise the more so as I had absolutely no knowledge of these conditions and needed to discuss the situation with a specialist. Happily both Specialists were able to see me the same day and spend as long I wanted to discuss my condition. I was pleased to have the opportunity of having Mr Sheen and Mr Curran , the two Specialists  who had worked together on similar cases , to perform just one operation for the two conditions. They have previous experience of working as a team together with Dr P N Foster as anaesthetist.

Mr Aali Sheen explained in terms I could understand, complete with diagrams, how the affected part of the liver would be removed and that it would grow again to its original size   after the operation. He gave me the assurance and confidence I needed to face the operation

Mr Finlay Curran was also able to spend as long as wanted with him to answer my questions. He assured me that he had performed many operations for the removal of part of the large and small bowel and that I had nothing to fear. With a sketch he explained the whole procedure after which time I was left feeling a great deal more confident.

During my convalescence I was visited regularly by Mr Sheen and Mr Curran and all my questions were always answered fully, minor set backs explained and dealt with as they occurred.

I have now been discharged from the Alexandra Hospital but will attend both Specialists' clinics to monitor my condition on a regular basis. I consider myself fortunate that I was able to call on the services of these two experienced Specialists at such a difficult time and be given the care and confidence I so badly needed. There will now be a six month period of chemotherapy.

Frank Griffiths - 25th June 2009

In February 2008 I was suddenly and unexpectedly taken ill with violent pains in my left side.  Following referral, by my GP, to a Consultant General Surgeon at the Alexandra Hospital, a number of procedures/tests were undertaken and I was initially diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. When it became apparent that the inflammation was increasing I was referred to Mr. Sheen, towards the end of April, who specialises in diseases of the gallbladder and pancreas.

Following a significant increase in pain at the beginning of May, Mr Sheen arranged for my immediate admission to The Alexandra Hospital for pain management and further tests.  The outcome of these indicated that my condition was deteriorating quickly and major surgery would be necessary. 

Preparations for my surgery were extensive, including an endoscopic ultra sound (EUS) to ensure that Mr Sheen had as clear a picture as possible of the progress of the disease and that the inflammation of the pancreas was reduced sufficiently to enable successful surgery. 

On completion of tests Mr. Sheen spent a long time with me explaining the procedure, all possible outcomes, best and worst case scenarios.  He was clear, positive and was able to convey highly technical medical terminology in a manner which was understandable to me as a non-medical person without patronising or overfacing me with information. The final diagnosis was a mucinous cystadenoma of the pancreas. Although I was anxious, frightened and had no choice but to proceed with such major and delicate surgery, Mr. Sheen's obvious professionalism and confidence gave me the courage to embark with a positive attitude.

My operation (distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy) in June 2008 lasted between 5-6 hours.

As in life, surgery is not always straight forward and, as a result of complications unrelated to Mr Sheen's work, I suffered a collapsed lung.  The important thing to me is the care taken by Mr. Sheen to ensure that I quickly received the best treatment possible to recover from this.

11 months on my recovery is ongoing and my life is slowly returning to normal.  My condition has required a range of further tests and procedures and is still being monitored by Mr. Sheen.  Care is always taken to ensure that I receive the most effective and least invasive treatment. This included a further EUS to remove fluid from my abdomen without the use of a conventional external drain. This procedure massively reduced the possibility of infection, which was particularly important for me as my immune system is lowered following the splenectomy.

From my first meeting with him, through the anxious times before and after surgery and during my recovery, I have been able to speak/email Mr. Sheen directly at any time.  It has not mattered how seemingly small or major my concerns, he has responded quickly and in person.

Whilst Mr. Sheen's technical skill and ability as a surgeon is, without doubt, of the absolute highest order, it is his accessible, open, patient-friendly approach which has made him, in my experience, such an excellent consultant.

Marian Kelly - 25 May 2009


Having been diagnosed in need of a Bilateral Inguinal Hernia Repair, I was referred to Mr Aali Sheen.  He performed the operation laparoscopically 'keyhole technique' at the Bridgewater Hospital and I only needed to be a day-patient, going into the hospital at 1pm and leaving at 8-30pm.  Within a day I was able to walk around easily and resumed light work after three days.  Before the operation I was in discomfort if I stood or walked for more than 90 minutes, but after a month I am completely back to normal, and have just walked all around New York for hours on end during a holiday.  I have also resumed swimming and cycling.  

Name withheld

My 80 year old husband recently had keyhole laparascopic surgery for a double hernia and walked away from the hospital the following day without pain, which is due to the outstanding skill and care of Mr. Aali Sheen.  

Shirley Clegg

Regarding double inguinal hernia operation at The Alex Hospital 8/02/13.
The surgery was a complete success and the operation after care advice was spot on.

I definitely needed the full two weeks rest and recouperation before returning to work.

I drove after 10 days and felt comfortable enough to be driving at that stage although i did not take on a long journey.

I returned to light exercise at the gym after 6 weeks and i am very gradually increasing the intensity.

My operation and recovery have gone completely as planned and i am delighted to be pain free at last.

Mr L.Peacock